Benefits For Employers

The payoff for companies that offer referral and counseling services for employees can be significant. Investing in employees by integrating a support system builds a strong foundation for overall success. Companies experience noted improvements in both employee health and productivity when assistance programs are in place within the work environment.

Productive Employees

Stress is a significant concern in the workplace and it is recognized as a strong factor related to employee illness and absence. When workers face personal difficulties outside of the work environment, the problems are likely to have some impact on their ability to maintain optimal work performance. Receiving support in the workplace can help make things easier for employees who are dealing with personal issues. Having readily available resources to address the presenting problems can improve employee productivity and reduce related employee disabilities and absenteeism.

Reduction of Costs

Implementing an assistance program for employees is a cost effective decision for employers. Supporting existing employees through their personal hardships helps to reduce staff turnover as well as reducing the costs associated with rehiring. When an assistance program is put into place, employers are often able to retain good workers who are struggling but are otherwise committed to the company. When companies invest in wellness programs, significant financial costs are also reduced because they experience less workplace accidents, less medical benefits costs, and fewer disability and worker's compensation claims.

Prevention and Intervention

Having a system in place for employees who may be struggling with personal issues is a smart move for employers. Taking a proactive stance to manage conflict leads to quicker resolution and better long-term outcomes. This action in the workplace ultimately enhances team effectiveness. When employers are prepared to deal with a variety of employee concerns through the program, they are investing in the integrity of the company. Employers can implement organizational trainings and programs that target violence prevention, maintaining adrug-free workplace, and supporting emergency and disaster readiness plans.

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Management Consultation Services

Supervisors and managers are generally not equipped to deal with the various problems that may hinder employee productivity. This puts them in a difficult situation when employees are having difficulties that impact performance and productivity. Supervisors need an option when employees require help beyond the scope of what they can provide. Employee assistance specialists can provide valuable education and training to the management team. The specialists help supervisors to better understand the referral process for identified employees. They also provide consultation to employers to help resolve employee performance issues on an individual basis.

For employers, having a viable referral option when employees are struggling with personal issues that affect their work is animportant benefit. Having options available when employees are faced with difficulties sends a message to the team that they are valuable and well worth the time and energy to receive system support. When companies offer services for conflict resolution to employees, it reduces workplace stress and helps to improve team cohesiveness. Providing support for employees boosts company morale and it also adds to overall productivity within the organization.

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