Benefits Of Employee Assistance Programs For Employees

Family and individual stability both rely on a variety of factors, including financial security and comprehensive support, to manage situations in day-to-day life. A support program developed within the workplace to help employees address personal problems makes it easier for workers to overcome obstacles that may impede their performance on the job.

Support for Employees

When employees are faced with difficulties on or particularly off the job, their performance may suffer. Assistance programs provide an opportunity for employees to gain support and resolve issues that may impact their work day. These programs offer help to employees through an organized referral system with professional consultation services. Referrals placed to outside agencies can support employees in finding help for their specific individual needs. Employees can better understand, cope and hopefully overcome their issues with such a system in place.

Services Offered

Employees may receive counseling and consultation on a one-to-one basis by phone or in person. The program also offers access to online educational resources to help employees with specific difficulties. Employees can find help for a variety of issues through the program including:

Marriage and relationships

Parenting and child care concerns

Care of an elderly parent or other relative

Managing job-related responsibilities and stress

Substance abuse problems

Loss and grief issues, including death and divorce

Family violence intervention

Financial and legal problems

Additional support through the program is available to address other issues such as health and wellness management, retirement planning, long-term illness and disability. Assistance programs for employees continue to expand overall services in an attempt to best serve employees and maximize job satisfaction and productivity in the workplace.

Professional Consultation

Employees who choose to utilize support through the program can expect to work with only qualified professionals. Employee assistance personnel are trained to work with individuals on a variety of sensitive issues. When employees are facing very serious concerns, referrals are made to outside counseling agencies as appropriate for longer-term individual counseling needs and support. Company management personnel can also feel confident and secure in knowing that all services provided to develop the team are taught by knowledgeable and qualified staff.

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It is only natural that employees may initially feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to seek help, particularly in the workplace. All services through assistance programs for employees are strictly confidential. Policies and guidelines are in place for the program to protect the individual privacy rights of employees. When referrals are initially made, supervisors do not even know if the services were utilized by the employee. One exception to this is when disciplinary action has resulted in the referral. Even then, however, the employee counseling records are private and unavailable to the employer, regardless of the referral reason.

Employees can have confidence in knowing that their personal issues of concern will be thoroughly addressed while maintaining their confidentiality and dignity in all situations. This makes seeking help a viable option for employees who may be experiencing difficulties that make it hard to fully function in the work environment.

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